November 26, 2012

Christmas Craft Market Cheeriness

Sad-sack me clearly needed a little pick-me-up over the weekend, so we headed to the Budapest Christmas fair and I bought a puppet: 

I am totally normal for buying this puppet because it's a gift for my niece and I have NO plans to buy one for myself.  It is handmade by an adorable older couple and the gentlemen just sits there, puppeting (is that a word?), so it's impossible not to get draw into their booth.  Actually, the whole market is delightful and chock full of eye candy.  But can you believe these artisans will be freezing their tushies off in this outdoor market all December???   

Of course we couldn't leave with just a puppet!  Mom bought this pair of oil paintings . . .

. . . and bought me one too!

Then I bought a set of four enamel paintings.  They are the same landscape in spring, summer, fall and winter.  I had to buy the set because, come December 21st, I will have visited Hungary in all four seasons!  But I asked for them sans frames (and the price was lower as a result) so they will be easier to bring home and I can frame them to suit the townhouse. 

I bought this day timer as well (am I the only person still using these?) and the vintage Budapest map on it features - of all the neighborhoods - my exact apartment!  I'm loving these sentimental, made-for-me treats.  Maybe this is my karma coming around?

When Hubby comes for a visit, he will have to learn to live without gotch and socks because I am going to need a good chunk of his suitcase space for these treasures.

Have you started hitting any holiday craft shows?  Seeing all of the hard work and creativity that went into these 100 or so booths made me really happy, so I highly recommend tracking down a craft show near you.


  1. Beautiful market - I wish we had something similar because I've started holiday shopping. We don't buy much, but I like handmade treats when I can find them! Can't wait to see the townhouse when you get back, it's going to be chock full of new art!

    1. Oh gosh, where the heck will I put all this art??? I have bought vintage posters, enamel art, the oil painting and I'm planning on buying a print I mentioned. Need. More. Walls.

  2. I am so happy to read you are feeling some cheeriness today!
    I bet you can't wait for your hubby to get there.
    What a beautiful market!
    We don't have markets here so I am so jealous of this ;)

    You got some great things. Nope you are not the only one who still uses a paper journal. I have 3 calendar journals in my bag as we speak, lol
    I love writing things down rather than the phone.

    My favorite item shown was that beautiful red poncho. Stunning.

    1. Does it make me shallow that a craft fair really improved my mood?? I'm so happy you use pen and paper too! I love a paper day timer - I just can't get used to anything electronic in that department.

      The red poncho is felted wool applique. It is so gorgeous in real life. I really wished I wore that type of garment, I just don't think I would. At least we can both ogle the photo, right?

  3. Love your photos! Love the puppet that you got for your niece.

    1. Taking photos of the booths was SO MUCH FUN!! It was such a good study of things en masse. It was a super, bright sunny day so sadly some of my pics were over exposed but I picked my favorites for this post. Something about seeing so much of one thing makes me really happy, so I'm glad to hear they were fun for you to look at too!

  4. Glad to hear that this boosted your mood. And no, that doesn't make you shallow- it is an important part of the purpose of art. Art is often meant to provoke thought and start discussion, engage the mind- no one said it always has to be political, controversial or angst-ridden. Some art is clearly just for pleasure- that also applies to all beautiful things. But aren't beautiful things more meaningful and inspiring when handcrafted rather than mass produced? What an amazing place- I love markets- oh the eye candy! It's unlikely that I will find such a place near me, so thanks for the photos!
    Love the paintings that both you and your mom bought- I think those seasonal landscapes will be even more beautiful in different frames. Ooooh and all those shiny things- the rings, the ornaments, all the colours.
    And the dried fruit- what are those? I recognize the oranges in the background but those others I don't know- one looks like a small watermelon. They are very neat.
    thanks for sharing

    1. Good question about the dried fruit! I wish I could have provided info for all the photos, but I took a zillion and not everyone has business cards or websites . . . wish I could just bring everyone here instead! But I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the eye candy :) The fruit in the foreground are limes, with basil leaves and what we think are dried orange rinds and figs. Figs are big here - and so yummy! I had a fresh fig from a garden when it was already chilly outside and it was soooo delicious.

      I DO think art should make people happy so you're right - I'm now feeling zero guilt about how much this market cheered my up. Buying stuff was extra nice, of course, but even just LOOKING around was such a mood booster. I'm in awe of the creativity here - so many great ideas and excellent craftsmanship. Really low prices, though, and it makes me a little sad because I'm not sure if handmade things are appreciated as much as they should be, because mass produced stuff from Tommy Hilfiger etc., isn't priced lower here but handmade things are!

      So many folks seem to lack markets back in North America! That is no fun. The little city I grew up in had a bunch, but weren't always well advertised - they used flyers on store corkboards! Hopefully you can find one or two. I guess that's why Etsy is so great: it brings the market to you!


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