December 31, 2010

We Even Vacation in a Townhouse

For the last week I have been secretly blogging from a different townhouse.  Although we don't celebrate Christmas, we do enjoy a good holiday.  So, instead of gift giving and turkey eating, my parents, husband and I tend to travel this time of year.  Last year and this year have been spent in a gorgeous townhome for rent on Lake Superior.  The homes are decorated beautifully, but what I find really inspiring is the world around them.  I took tons of pictures of the ice, lake and sun setting.  I want to pick a half dozen or so to frame, and hang them in a row in the main bathroom (above the towel bar).
See bathroom pics here.

The above pictures were all from this website.  The units are also available for purchase (or you can purchase a share) but we go the cheaper route and just rent a unit for a week or so. 
All of the following pictures were taken by me or my hubby.

I heart this fireplace surround.  You have no idea how many pics of it I took . . .

Last year we tried dog-sledding!
This year we did more sitting and eating, which I thoroughly enjoy.

One of my favorite pictures.  I wanted to share.

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  1. Hi! I just stumbled on your blog and I've been popping around reading different posts, and I've just gotta say, you've made me want to go to Superior in the winter! My family goes every 4th of july (Munising MI), but I haven't been there in the winter since I was a kid. I'll probably have to fix that now.

    Also, love your blog! (from a fellow Finn)


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