December 9, 2012

Sponsor Shout Out (Plus Discounts!): November

For my Ottawa folks, did you know Truly Swedish Design is a local shop?  It also has a great online shop (I love when everyone's included) and they are extending a sweet sale, just for you!  Right now, save 10% off of Sofie Sjöström's rugs (above), including her new larger version (140 cm x 220 cm) in her fab ÅRE pattern.  The sale has been extended to December 24th just for Dans le Townhouse readers, so be sure to mention this post if you buy!  Plus, Truly Swedish Design has a RED SALE happening right now, with 11% off everything RED until Dec 24. To redeem, visit the shop, email or call 613 725 3401. Cute theme, right?

Speaking of red, how beautiful is this Ersari Afghan rug from  I should have included it in my ode to red and black.

Erica, at Wicked Bride Stationary, has been hard at work creating gorgeous stationary designs for high style weddings.  Did you spot on her blog how she took inspiration from a venue's trellis and created the perfect wedding invites?? 

Just for fun, I wanted to show where a link to one of my DIYs showed up:

The world is small!


  1. That rug is so gorgeous.
    I love the coloring and it looks really soft.
    We bought a calf skin rug with Ikea less than a year ago and it is already worn out ;(

    I would love a great designer heavy duty rug.
    It will be on the list for our upgrades to the house.

    1. That's a shame!! Sometimes it pays to buy something better quality, but man does it hurt to cough up the cash!! I had this same issue with our sofa. Good luck, I hope you find something perfect :)


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